Welcome to a New Approach in Marriage Counseling

For many years, the standard in marriage counseling has been weekly sessions stretched over months or years. While this approach offers benefits, it may not always be the most practical or effective solution, especially in urgent situations. The need for a more intensive and immediate approach is clear.

We are Hollis and David Wenzel, a married couple and both professional therapists. Drawing on our extensive experience working with hundreds of couples in our private practice, we authored the “Marriage Intensive Handbook,” a comprehensive guide to immersive marriage therapy. Inspired by the successes and limitations of traditional counseling, we developed our Northwest Marriage Intensive. This program condenses the essential elements of weekly counseling into a focused 2, 3 or 4-day format.

Our goal? To address the core issues of your relationship in a direct, safe, and efficient manner. With our Northwest Marriage Intensive, you gain the opportunity for profound healing and transformation within a condensed timeframe, offering a fresh start for your marriage.


Our Commitment to Strengthening Marriages

At the heart of our work lies a deep-seated passion for helping couples maximize their most significant commitment: their marriage. We firmly believe in the integral role of a healthy marriage in the fabric of a thriving society. The impact of a dissolving marriage extends far beyond the couple, affecting numerous aspects of life. Often, couples in distress may not fully grasp the breadth of what they stand to lose in a separation. It’s more than financial implications; a divorce reshapes every facet of life.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that many marriages, even those facing severe challenges, have the potential for healing and renewal. We hold the conviction that your marriage represents a precious investment, one that merits the effort and time to explore all possibilities for your future together.

The Northwest Marriage Intensive was born from our extensive experience in marital counseling within our private practice. This program is not just the most effective method we’ve encountered in our work with couples; it also embodies the best of what we, as individual therapists and as a team, can offer. It’s a concentrated effort designed to foster deep healing and significant change, providing couples with the tools and insights needed for a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

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images-4 Message from Hollis and Dave

Helping couples achieve their healthiest and most fulfilling marriage is the core of our mission. We firmly believe in the vital role of a strong, healthy marriage within a thriving society. The consequences of a marriage ending can be far-reaching, extending well beyond the immediate emotional and financial implications. In the midst of the pain and challenges, couples often don’t fully realize the breadth of what could be lost in a separation. While in some cases divorce may be unavoidable, many marriages, even those deeply troubled, have the potential for healing and growth.

We understand that your marriage is an invaluable investment, deserving of time and dedicated effort to explore every possibility for a brighter, shared future. This belief led us to create the Northwest Marriage Intensive, born from our extensive experience in counseling couples in our private practice. This intensive approach is not just the most effective method we’ve discovered in our journey with couples; it also encapsulates the best of our individual skills and collective experience.

Our goal is to offer a transformative experience that combines our unique strengths and insights, fostering deep understanding and lasting change in your relationship.


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