What is a Marriage Intensive? 

Traditional couples therapy typically involves weekly sessions. A Marriage Intensive, however, condenses these sessions into a focused 2-3 day period. This format allows for deeper exploration and more immediate progress.

What’s included in the cost of the Intensive? 

Pre-Intensive: Hollis or Dave will be available for initial queries and provide detailed information. You’ll complete a thorough three-part assessment covering personal backgrounds, relationship dynamics, and current challenges.

During the Intensive: Hollis and Dave dedicate 10-12 hours per day to you, including strategic planning outside of sessions.

Post-Intensive: Selected packages include follow-up sessions.

(Note: Travel, lodging, and meals are not included.)

Is there support after the Intensive? 

Yes, several packages offer 1-2 days of intensive follow-up, with options for additional individual or couple sessions, in-person or digitally.

Does Insurance Cover the Intensive? 

Health Insurance typically covers up to two sessions per day per person and a portion of the assessment.

Do Hollis and Dave both participate the whole time? 

Yes, both are actively involved throughout, offering 6+ hours of direct counseling daily, plus additional hours for preparation and strategy.

Are there benefits in working with a married couple? 

Certainly. Our male-female therapist dynamic brings diverse insights and enhances the therapeutic process. Our clients often remark on the powerful impact of this approach.

Our relationship is non-traditional—is that okay? 

Absolutely. We work with all couples in committed relationships.

Is the Intensive affiliated with any religion?

No. We welcome couples from all religious backgrounds.

Do you spend much time going over the couple’s background in the Intensive? 

No, we begin immediately with action plans. Prior to the Intensive, you complete extensive personal history and assessments, allowing us to strategize effectively from the start.

Where is the Intensive held? 

Our primary location is in Sandy, Oregon, the Gateway to Mt. Hood. Alternatively, for some packages, we can arrange to meet at a location of your choice. Please inquire about pricing for this option.

What’s your success rate with the Intensives? 

Success varies by couple and their goals. Our approach has led to many forms of success, from improved communication to amicable separations.

Is it possible to talk with couples who’ve done this?

Our client relationships are confidential, and we do not solicit feedback for marketing purposes.

Are there any situations not appropriate for an Intensive? 

Yes. If your situation involves domestic violence, substance abuse, affairs, chronic mental illness, or harmful thoughts, please discuss with us before scheduling.

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