Our Approach

As licensed counselors with a personal journey of 17 years of marriage, we bring a unique blend of professional expertise and real-life experience to our practice. Our collaborative approach is rooted in over 60 years of combined counseling experience, offering diverse perspectives to enrich our therapy sessions.

Our Story

Our own life story mirrors the complexities we often encounter in our work. We have navigated the challenges of being in long-term marriages, experienced the loss of our previous spouses, and embraced the joys and trials of raising a blended family of six children. Our journey includes overcoming a cancer battle, establishing a successful business, and the delight of welcoming our first grandchildren. Through these experiences, we’ve gained an intimate understanding of the stresses and triumphs of modern life. We’ve celebrated the highs, like having a child who was a high school valedictorian, and faced the lows, such as dealing with another child’s expulsion from school. Today, we take pride in all our children’s unique paths.

Meet the Team

We are among the few married couples in the country specializing in marriage-intensive facilitation. Our clients benefit from our synergistic approach; each of us offers distinct insights and styles that complement each other, fostering effective relationship repair and growth. With us, you receive the advantage of two licensed professionals with a cumulative experience of over 60 years, all focused on your relationship.

Hollis MacLean Wenzel

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Hollis Maclean Wenzel, M.S, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

Hollis MacLean Wenzel, M.S, has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Oregon since 1996 (#T0346). She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from California State University East Bay and a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Child Development from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Her clinical background spans private practice, small clinics, and in-patient settings, often working within multidisciplinary teams. Hollis’s approach primarily centers on family systems, tailored with other therapeutic strategies as needed. She specializes in couples therapy and has extensive experience working with teenagers and directing nonprofits for children and families. Her areas of expertise include marital satisfaction, blended family dynamics, infidelity, parenting, grief, loss, suicide, anxiety, depression, and life transitions.

David MacLean Wenzel

Licensed Professional Counselor and Professor of Counseling

Dr. David Wenzel holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling from Loyola University, along with Master’s degrees in Divinity and Theology from Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oregon (1012) and a Nationally Certified Counselor (27095). With over two decades as a counseling professor, his clinical experiences range from the Veterans Administration to community mental health. He spent two years training at the Isaac Taylor Institute of Psychiatry and Religion in Columbia, Maryland. Formerly, he was the Clinical Director at Sandy Family Services DUII program and Sunnyside Counseling Center, and the Director of the Counseling Program at Western Seminary. His professional interests lie in child development, parenting, clinical supervision, and the interplay of spirituality in mental health. Beyond his academic and clinical roles, Dr. Wenzel is a sought-after speaker in the community on topics related to parenting, family communication, marriage, and relationships.

Hollis MacLean Wenzel

Dave Reflects on Hollis

“When it comes to our professional styles, I tend to lean on outlines and structured flow-charts, while Hollis embraces a more spontaneous approach. She has an extraordinary ability to sense things that might completely bypass my notice. Her attunement to the emotional currents and dynamics within the room is remarkable.

Hollis excels in conveying the woman’s perspective, especially to men. This skill is undoubtedly enriched by her diverse experiences as a mother to biological, adopted, and blended children. These personal journeys deeply inform her professional insights.

What truly sets her apart is her intuitive nature and willingness to engage in relational risks. Hollis possesses a remarkable ease in connecting with anyone, unafraid to pose challenging questions or voice necessary truths. We recall a couple who experienced a pivotal moment in their therapy when Hollis expressed something they had long awaited hearing. Her authenticity and directness not only speak volumes but also beautifully balance my more structured approach. She’s not just a therapist; she’s a truth-teller and a genuine complement to my methodology.”

Dave Hollis Beach

Dave Maclean Wenzel

Hollis Reflects on Dave

“Dave’s brilliance shines through in his extensive knowledge and experience. For over 30 years, he has educated and mentored students in the art of therapy. His background is impressively diverse: from his training as a pastor and role as a Clinical Director at a community counseling center, to his expertise in designing and leading a graduate counseling program. He’s also guided many counselors on their journey towards licensure. His ability to draw from various therapeutic modalities and manage multiple complex discussions simultaneously is nothing short of remarkable. I’ve witnessed him skillfully consulting with multiple therapists at once, seamlessly navigating through each conversation.

Dave has a unique way of connecting with men, embodying the essence of a ‘man’s man’. His hands-on skills range from running his own construction company to repairing our cars. He’s passionate about outdoor sports and has even built our house and several structures on our property, including an enchanting treehouse. (Do take a moment to check out our treehouse on the website!)

But his understanding isn’t limited to men. Thanks to his clinical experience and the experience of raising our daughters, he possesses a profound insight into women’s perspectives as well. His book, ‘Why Women Need Chocolate’, is a testament to this understanding. Dave’s multifaceted talents and experiences make him not just an exceptional therapist but also a relatable and versatile human being.”

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