Every Marriage is a Story.

Where are you in yours?

  • Feeling Stuck in Routine? If your marriage feels stagnant, like you’re just going through the motions, our Intensive program is designed to rekindle the connection and bring new energy into your relationship.
  • Struggling with Intimacy? Whether your sex life is troubled, unsatisfying, or has become non-existent, we provide tailored approaches to address these sensitive issues, helping you rediscover intimacy and connection.
  • Trapped in Negative Patterns? Years together can sometimes lead to entrenched cycles of dysfunction. Our Intensive breaks these patterns, offering fresh perspectives and effective strategies for a healthier relationship.
  • Dealing with the Aftermath of an Affair? Infidelity can leave a relationship feeling irreparably broken. We specialize in navigating this complex challenge, helping couples find a path towards healing and forgiveness..
  • Feeling Disconnected? If avoidance and disengagement have replaced interaction in your relationship, our Intensive aims to reopen the lines of communication and rebuild the bridge between you and your partner.
  • Communication Breakdowns? When every attempt at conversation turns into conflict, we offer tools and guidance to transform your communication style, fostering understanding and meaningful dialogue.
  • Considering Separation or Divorce? Before making life-altering decisions, our Intensive offers a space to explore the depths of your issues and discover potential paths forward, whether together or apart.
  • Unsatisfied with Traditional Therapy? If conventional therapy hasn’t met your needs, our unique, concentrated approach might be the solution. We focus on intensive, focused sessions that aim for profound and lasting change.

A Vital Perspective on Investment in Your Life.

Here’s a crucial insight: The most significant investment you’ll ever make isn’t in your home or business—it’s in your marriage. The impact of a marriage, both when thriving and when in crisis, extends far beyond the immediate. The emotional, social, and financial costs of a marriage ending are immense and frequently underestimated. Investing in the health and resilience of your marital relationship is not just about preserving a partnership; it’s about safeguarding the comprehensive well-being of your life and your family. Our program is designed to help you protect and nurture this invaluable investment.

You can change the story of your marriage.

Right now, you’re at a crossroads with several paths to choose from:

Continue Weekly Counseling: Persist with the traditional method of weekly sessions, which might offer gradual improvements over time.

Maintain Status Quo: Choose to do nothing and continue on as things are, hoping for a change.

Consider Separation or Divorce: Contemplate ending the marriage, an option that comes with significant emotional and practical changes.

Actively Invest in Your Marriage: Take a decisive step towards healing and rejuvenation. Our intensive program represents more than just counseling; it’s a profound commitment to repairing and revitalizing your marriage.

Each choice leads to a different future. If you’re seeking a transformative, intensive approach to mend and strengthen your relationship, we’re here to guide you through that journey.


No couple gets married planning on destroying each other’s dreams

If you’ve landed here, chances are your marriage is in crisis.

Whether you’ve experienced infidelity, an unexpected financial setback, illness, issues with your kids or the empty nest, your situation is dire and you need help.

For many years, professional counselors have offered a single solution for marriage repair: once-a-week marriage counseling over a period of months… or years.

When the pain is this intense, however, weekly 50-minute counseling sessions might not be enough.

Imagine . . .

Imagine being able to talk about the things you’ve stayed silent about for years.

 Imagine spending several days in a safe, supported atmosphere, where you can shift out of crisis mode and start to heal.

couple bench mountains red

 Imagine getting on track with each other’s dreams again and being a team.

 Imagine having tools to navigate challenging conversations.

 Imagine what it would be like to feel cherished, valued and heard.

Invest in the future of your relationship

Our marriage has never been better-and we’ve been married for 30 years!

The Intensive helped us plan the next phase of our life!

-2017 Intensive Participants


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