Marital Intensive Structure

What does a day’s schedule in a Marriage Intensive look like? As an example, a Marital Intensive schedule might be a 1.5 hour morning couples session, a late morning 1 hour session for each person, and then a 1 hour afternoon couples session, 1 hour individual, concluding with a 1 hour couples session. Repeated over a 3 day period this would be 16.5 hours of counseling, with two therapists present. (Couples exercises may be assigned between sessions or in the evenings.)

Each day of the intensive usually includes 6 hours of direct counseling (plus three hours of prep, strategizing and debriefing by Dave and Hollis). All counseling is done by Dave and Hollis as a team (individual sessions occur as needed with Dave and Hollis splitting up and each working with one individual).  We do not employ other counselors to fill in.

Example Day’s Schedule

8:30 – 10:00             Joint session

10:00 – 10:30           Break

10:30 – 12:00           Individual/joint

12:00 – 1:15             lunch

1:15 – 2:30               Joint

2:30 – 2:45               Break

2:45 – 3:20               Individual check-in

3:20 – 3:30               Break

3:30 – 4:45               Joint

Pre-Intentsive Procedures

Once we have made a deposit, what is the process?  Prior to the start of the Intensive you will complete an assessment package which includes an extensive personal history, personality profiles, and marriage assessment. Each individual should anticipate investing approximately 7-10 hours into the assessment (does not need to be completed in one sitting).  The assessment package is returned to us prior to the intensive for scoring, evaluation and initial treatment strategizing by Dave and Hollis.  This assessment package allows us to “hit the ground running” from the beginning and make the most of your time.  A typical timeline would look like this:

  1. The intensive is scheduled/deposit made.
    2. Within 48 hours you will receive digital portion of assessment package
    3. Within 3 days you will receive the written portion/pre-intensive package
    4. Most individuals need 2-7 days to complete work, depending on their schedule
    5. Seven days prior to the intensive the materials are completed and returned to us.

We deeply appreciate your trust in us with this process and we commit to working our hardest, and doing our best on your behalf.  In turn we ask that you also commit yourself to this process.  That commitment can begin with earnest effort on the assessment package.

Northwest Marriage Intensive Assessment Package

  • Part one consists of three personality inventories. The use of three allows us to see themes about your style and cross validated results (that might not occur with just one).  These are written inventories where you will be answering questions in a true-false or Likert scale format.  The inventories are validated industry standard instruments. Part one usually takes about 2.5-3.5 hours and can be completed in more than one sitting.
  • Part two covers your personal history and family structure.  It consists of a family survey, sibling and birth order review, a personal history, and a genogram (family map/tree).  The length of time to complete these depends largely on your age and family size.  For example, younger people have less history, so they naturally have less to write.  Family size also impacts the time it will take, larger more complicated families will result in more time invested.
  • Part three delves into the dynamics of your marriage, which is the reason you have contacted us.  First, you will receive two email links to complete these comprehensive marital assessments online. (one to two hours each to complete).  Second, you will complete a written exercise about the history of your relationship.  This usually takes about 1-2 hours.

How much does a Marital Intensive Cost?

Below are the Intensive Package descriptions.  Please see the descriptions and guidelines for what might be best for your situation.

Two Day Intensive Package: $6150

Includes the three part assessment package, and a two day Intensive.  Follow-up is done by mutual planning and paid for at that time.

Three day intensive Package: $8150

Includes the three part assessment package, and a three day Intensive.  Follow-up is done by mutual planning and paid for at that time.

Three “plus one” Day Intensive Package $10,150

Includes the three part assessment package, a three day Intensive, and an additional full day intensive follow up ($3550 value) 4-12 months out, at the couple’s discretion.

Three “plus two” Day Intensive Package $12,150

Includes the three part assessment package, a three day Intensive, and two follow up days: the first between 3-6 months, and the second day between 6-12 months out, at the couples discretion.

Off-Site Marital Intensive (any of the above packages, off-site)

Some couples prefer to have us come to a location of their choosing. The schedule for counseling would follow a similar pattern to the on-site intensives listed above. Such locations might be your favorite resort, a vacation home, or similar.  Details regarding costs associated with travel and housing will be determined in consultation with the couple. Typically travel, housing, and additional time for travel are reimbursed.

Where do couples stay during the on-site intensive?

There are a number of options available.  AirBnB has numerous locations close-by.  The Resort at the Mountain is an easy 10-15 minute commute. There are a number of mountain-type lodges in the Mt. Hood corridor.  If convenience is your main concern, there is a Best Western Hotel 1 mile from our offices.  If you would like advice in locating an appropriate location Hollis is glad to give assistance.

Your Next Steps for a Marital Intensive Retreat . . .

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