How Do We Keep Our Family and Marriage Sane During Another Conflictual Election Year?

2024 is an election year. If it is anything like 2016 and 2020 you’ll need to plan to get your family through it. Here are some tips:

In a year like 2024, marked by both an election year and global conflicts, it’s crucial to maintain a sense of unity and connection within families. Here are some tips to keep your family connected during these challenging times:

1. Open and Respectful Communication: Encourage open discussions about current events, ensuring that all family members, regardless of age, feel heard and respected. This can involve setting aside specific times for family meetings where everyone can share their thoughts and feelings about what’s happening in the world.

2. Limit Media Exposure: While staying informed is important, constant exposure to news, especially if it’s negative or conflict-laden, can be overwhelming. Set boundaries on how much time is spent consuming news and choose reliable sources to avoid misinformation and undue stress.

3. Focus on Shared Activities: Engage in activities that bring the family together, such as board games, movie nights, or outdoor activities. Shared experiences can provide a much-needed diversion and foster a sense of normalcy and togetherness.

4. Volunteer as a Family: Participating in community service or volunteer work can provide a sense of purpose and connection. It helps in shifting the focus from global conflicts to positive actions that can make a difference in your community.

5. Educate and Empathize: Use this time as an opportunity to educate your family, especially children, about the importance of empathy, kindness, and understanding in times of conflict. Discuss the value of diversity, tolerance, and peaceful resolution of disagreements.

6. Maintain Routines: In uncertain times, maintaining a regular routine can provide a sense of stability and security. Try to keep regular meal times, bedtimes, and other family rituals.